Dulles Discovery Presentation

• March 28, 2013

The Dulles Discovery developers have asked to present to the CHHA Civic Affairs Committee several changes to the previously approved plans for their development.

I have arranged for them to make their presentation at 7 PM, Monday, 1 April 2013, in my home at 3153 Ramesses Ct. We have also extended an invitation to a Franklin Farm Land Use committee member to attend.

If you are interested in attending please drop me a line so I know how many chairs to have available.

A summary of the changes follows:

For the Dulles Discovery North tenant’s security they need to build a privately owned and maintained overpass over Air and Space Museum Parkway, with minor changes to parking, landscaping, sidewalk/trail system and security fencing. This requires a Proffered Conditions Amendment (PCA), which DD North 3 LC, submitted to the County to revise proffers on I-5 parcels on the north side of Air & Space Museum Parkway, south of Wall Rd, west of Centreville Rd, east of Rt. 28, 13.44 acres, for office and accessory uses. The PCA has been accepted and is PCA 2005-SU-026. Joe Gorney will be staff coordinator.

In addition, they will present the concurrent Final Development Plan Amendment (FDPA) on Dulles Discovery South (DDS) (FDPA 2009-SU-024), to (i) to memorialize the various intervening changes approved for DDS by Interpretation, and (ii) to add a one-story auditorium and a one-story cafeteria to the approved, low-rise Building 5, both internal to the site; and the possibility of a second water storage tank next to, and the same height as, the Campus Loading Dock and a relocated water storage tank, also internal to the site. No increase in the already approved FAR or number of office buildings is proposed.

Hope to see you there!


Jeffrey M. Parnes
Civic Affairs Committee Chair
Chantilly Highlands Homes Association
703.424.2956 (P)
484.307.2552 (F)
[email protected]

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