The Civic Affairs Committee takes an active interest in the affairs of the county, state and nation as they relate to our neighborhood.. If you’d like to join the committee send an email to the asking to be added to the committee’s email list. When you join, please consider sending a note introducing yourself to the committee members by addressing it to

The committee does not have regularly scheduled meetings, but notices of local and community public events are distributed for the members to attend and report back as they wish. Several times a year we may meet to hear matters of interest to our community, such as improvements to nearby local roads or proposals for or revisions to nearby developments (schools, commercial, residential, etc.).

Our Association  is a member of the Sully District Council of Citizens Associations and the Fairfax County Federation of Citizen Associations and committee members are informed of their upcoming agendas and other matters of interest to the larger community. Civic Affairs Committee members are always welcome to attend meetings of these organizations

The long-time committee chair is Jeff Parnes who serves as our community’s primary representative to the two organizations above. If you’d like to serve as an alternate delegate please contact Jeff at


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