July 2nd update:

Updates to the CHHA Pool Operation Plan for Phase 3 have been posted. Go to the Governance and Rules page (https://www.chha.org/governance-policy-and-rules/) to view them.

June 14th 8pm update:

Please see the CHHA 2020 Pool Operating Plan for updates which you can view by clicking on the link below.  Some highlights:

We are NOT using a reservation system. The pool ‘usage’ has come nowhere near our 50 person maximum, and the rollout of the Pool Is Open application has been problematic.

The shallow end of the pool has been deemed to have three unmarked lap lanes. So the shallow end can be used for walking laps, swimming laps, and most importantly, for parents to teach one of their children to swim. When using the shallow end, please use it as if the 3 unmarked lanes were actually roped off.

Pool usage seems to max out around 20-25 people in the 12 noon and 2pm time slots. But many residents are not staying for the full 90 minutes, so if you want to ensure you have a lap lane to swim/walk in, you might come to the 4pm time slot or come at either 12:45 or 2:45 when there are still 45 minutes left in those time slots.

Please see the 2020 Pool Operation Plan in this page. You should not need to login to view it.

Governance, Policy and Rules