Neighborhood Watch

The Chantilly Highlands neighborhood watch consists of volunteers from the community who pick a date on the signup genius website and then patrol the neighborhood for an hour or so, usually in their own vehicle marked with a magnetic sign which we provide. If the volunteer sees any suspicious activity, then he or she should contact the police to investigate. For a crime in progress, call 911. For a less urgent situation, the volunteer can call the Fairfax police non emergency phone number which is 703-691-2131.  For anyone who would like to volunteer but has not previously done so, please contact me with your name and email address so that I may add you to the list of persons eligible to sign up at the Signup Genius website plus if you provide your home address I will provide you with an official Chantilly Highlands Neighborhood Watch magnetic car sign.  Neighborhood Watch training is available several times a year from the Fairfax County police, but does not necessarily have to be completed prior to volunteering.   My email is

Michael Martin