Dear Homeowners and Residents,


One of the unique characteristics of living in Chantilly Highlands is the presence of architectural standards and maintenance guidelines. Chantilly Highlands falls under the Virginia Property Owners’ Association Act, which provides for the establishment of these guidelines and procedures in our community. All residents and homeowners are subject to the provisions of the Architectural Committee (ACC) guidelines that are developed for the benefit of all.


The ACC has the responsibility for administering the architectural standards and guidelines. The intent of the ACC process is to assure residents that the standards of design within the community will be maintained. This in turn protects property values and enhances the community’s overall environment for everyone.


The ACC Exterior Alterations, Maintenance and Procedures Guidelines became effective on January 1, 2001 and supersede all previously issued guidelines. The document recently was reformatted for our updated Web Site, but the document is unchanged from the 2001 version with the exception of adding the multiple ways to send your request to the ACC.  This document serves as a guide to you in planning your project and submitting  the Exterior Alteration Application for your project. The guidelines described in this booklet address common improvements and are not intended to be all-inclusive.


By respecting the rights of others and taking personal responsibility for our own property, Chantilly Highlands will remain one of the top places in which to live in Northern Virginia. If you have further questions after referring to the booklet of guidelines, please feel free to contact the ACC Chairperson.



Chantilly Highlands Architectural Committee